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Venice and its islands are not only full of history, culture, architecture and the sea ... but also of excellent and delicious gastronomic dishes!

Traditional Venetian cuisine has always been very rich in local flavours and ingredients. Water, earth and sky have always been the source of high quality raw materials, excellent bases for a remarkable variety of gastronomic specialties.
From the sea of the Venetian lagoon comes the fish and seafood; from the land of the island of Sant’Erasmo, the vegetables, like the famous castraure; from the Venetian hinterland, the corn for polenta and the farmed meats; from the sky, the game.
All seasoned with spices and traditions, imported over the course of a millennium, by merchants and emissaries of the Serenissima, returning from their journeys in the world.

Venetian gastronomy has its roots in the more traditional Mediterranean flavours. Its proximity to the sea means that a large part of the typical dishes of Venice are based on fresh produce from the lagoon (fish and seafood), with the addition of other essential ingredients such as rice, vegetables or polenta.

The basics of Venetian cuisine are very simple: little olive oil and often used raw; always good quality butter; pork lard, because it is very tasty and it gives a special touch to foods, especially in pasta e fagioli; rigorously sea coarse and fine salt; black and white pepper in grains and ground; juniper berries for roasts, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, thyme, fennel seeds or cumin, whole or ground ginger, horseradish, coriander, etc. And also garlic, onions, shallots, celery, carrots, bay leaves, parsley.

The most traditional dishes are the famous baccalà mantecato, creamed cod, based on stockfish, oil and garlic; sarde in saor, sweet & sour sardines, fried sardines marinated in vinegar and onion; fritto misto, a mix of fried lagoon fish and vegetables; spaghetti with clams or cuttlefish ink; the "Sepe col nero", cuttlefish cooked in its ink. But in Venice we also eat a lot of risotto, prepared with seasonal vegetables; in Burano, in particular, the Gò Risotto is very famous, a risotto prepared with a fish broth obtained from the goby, a small fish typical of the Venetian lagoon.
And let's not forget the famous "pasta e fazioi", bean and pasta soup, a very popular dish in Venice, prepared both by the great chefs of classy restaurants, and in small inns, perfect both in the cold winter months, but also served warm in the summer months!

As for vegetables, the first place is taken undoubtedly by a delicacy of the Venetian menu: the "castraure", artichokes grown only on the islands of the Lagoon.

And then the radicchio, from Treviso, Castelfranco and Chioggia, served raw, grilled or baked, with pancetta.
In spring then the asparagus of Bassano or Chioggia and the peas of the island of Sant’Erasmo.

And last of all the desserts, which in the Venetian tradition are many, starting from the famous tiramisu, the delicious bussolà of Burano, the fried cream, the zaeti and many others.


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